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New For Sale!

Moon Acre
100 x 100cms (approx. 105cm square with frame)

Exclusive unique singular Fine Art Giclée (100x100cms)
Fine Art Pearl 285gm
This will be the only one in existence.
Moon Acre was painted digitally by myself
at 300dpi full resolution size of 100x100cms.
The colours are breath taking at this size.

There are smaller 30x30cms versions as part of a Llewellyn Fine Art set but you will have the unique version at 100x100cms as created for.
I alone will retain a USB as a safety back up but the painting will remain exclusively yours to own as an original singular Fine Art Giclée.


Special Price of £950
(Inc. VAT)
Beautifully framed and signed by Llewellyn
Includes delivery by courier

Please contact below for private viewings of
my other Llewellyn singular digital and traditional paintings at The Paradise Gallery in Ceredigion, West Wales.


Moon Acre-lo.jpg
moon acre framed.jpg
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