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' I'm both a traditional painter and a digital painter.

I'm also a very successful composer and producer of instrumental music with over half a billion streams worldwide.

I believe in the healing energy of colour and my art has often been described as otherworldly mystical landscapes with beautiful colours. My daughter describes my work as "Monet on Drugs!"

Traditionally I like to paint with acrylics on canvas and incorporate spray paints and sometimes fine sand and glitter to add texture. To paint digitally I use unconventional methods of restricting myself to digital brushes that respond only to the way I paint with real brushes and real paint.

For the technical minded I paint the latter with digital brushes on a large 27 inch touch sensitive 4K screen and view on a breath taking 75 inch 4K digital screen. I love being able to zoom in and see every detail with incredible clarity and colour. My largest digital painting was for a restaurant that wanted a wall space covering 327x219cms. I had to do 6 individual paintings and then piece together to keep the resolution.  The result was a beautiful waterfall wall mural with stunning rich hues of purple and blues.




I want my art to be positive and make people feel better in this all too often negative world. If my music or art connects and people can feel calmer and more at peace then I will keep creating. Currently I am working on an exciting installation called "The Art of Relaxation" which combines my traditional and digital art with my relaxing instrumental music. '  LLEWELLYN

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