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Please email below for a private viewing of Llewellyn's traditional paintings available to purchase at the beautiful Paradise Gallery in Ceredigion, West Wales.

End of the Day lo res.jpg

End of The Day - acrylic -  100x100cms
(105x105cms Box  Framed)

blue whispering woods lo res.jpg

Blue Whispering Woods - acrylic -  100x100cms (105x105cms Box  Framed)

Moon Shadows lo res.jpg

Moon Shadows - acrylic -  100x100cms
(105x105cms Box  Framed)

La Luna lo res.jpg

La Luna - acrylic -  100x100cms
(105x105cms Box  Framed)

Night Poppies lo res.jpg

Night Poppies - acrylic -  100x100cms
(105x105cms Box  Framed)

Utopian Falls lo res.jpg

Utopian Falls - acrylic -  100x100cms
(105x105cms Box  Framed)

Enchanted Lake lo res.jpg

Enchanted Lake - acrylic -  100x100cms
(105x105cms Box  Framed)

The Walking Trees lo res.jpg
Comet lo res.jpg

The Walking Trees - acrylic -  100x100cms
(105x105cms Box  Framed)

Comet - acrylic -  100x100cms
(105x105cms Box  Framed)

Star Mountains lo res.jpg

Star Mountains - acrylic -  100x100cms
(105x105cms Box  Framed)

Dancing in the Moonlight lo res.jpg

Dancing in the Moonlight - acrylic -  76x102cms (80x105cms Box  Framed)

Luna Myst lo res.jpg

Luna Myst - acrylic -  100x100cms
(105x105cms Box  Framed)

Islandia lo res.jpg

Islandia - acrylic -  100x100cms
(105x105cms Box  Framed)

Pathways lo res.jpg

Pathways - acrylic -  100x100cms
(105x105cms Box  Framed)

Lunar Haze lo res.jpg

Luna Haze - acrylic -  100x100cms
(105x105cms Box  Framed)

TreeLore lo res.jpg

Tree Lore - acrylic -  100x100cms
(105x105cms Box  Framed)

Lunar Night Trail lo res.jpg

Luna Night Trail - acrylic -  102x76cms
(105x80cms Box  Framed)

Wild lo res.jpg

The Wild - acrylic -  120x90cms
(125x95cms Red Box Framed)

December lo res.jpg

December - acrylic -  100x75cms
(105x80cms Box Framed)

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